Marcus McKay
I love this place and go everyday. The baristas are friendly and knowledgeable.
James Tooman
Honestly one of my favorite little coffee houses I’ve gone to. Highly recommend you try the maple rose latte, absolutely delicious and it’s even red which I thought was so cool ! All in all wonderful experience :)
Darrel Matthews II
Love this place! The coffee is great, Staff is super friendly and Wi-Fi is great for work. The shop has a great downtown location and is really comfortable on the inside. Good vibes all around at Dusk
Angela Higginson
Amazing coffee spot! Super friendly staff, great wifi, lots of outdoor seating. Blackberry vanilla latte is fire and pastries are also really good!!
Excellent coffee and baristas. Oakland is blessed with exceptional coffee and they are such a great addition to the neighborhood. Located in the beautiful, historic Cathedral Building.
Pim Kang
Beautiful addition to the neighborhood. Their prime location and hand-crafted drinks should make them a hit in no time! Also, they have bakery from the famous Firebrand Bakery from up the street. They said they do not have a wifi at the moment but they are in a process of installing it.
Stanley Ipkuss
Friendly staff, good coffee, great selection of pastries, beautiful location!